How do you win a home for your client when competing against many other offers? 

There’s still not a lot of inventory in our market—fewer homes are being listed now than at this time last year. Shrinking inventory makes things very challenging when you’re trying to help your client purchase a home and there are four or five others trying to purchase the same home. 

At Anthony Realtors, we’ve been coaching our clients on what to expect when they find a house they want to purchase. We also talk about their finances. If they’re making a 10% down payment, for instance, we advise them to offer less down so they have cash available if there’s an appraisal or inspection issue. 

That’s one way to make an offer stronger. Another way is to appeal to the seller emotionally. You could have your client write a letter to them explaining why their home is perfect.

“If you stay positive, the majority of the time things will work out for you and your client.”

Also, all agents should be tracking the number of showings it takes to write an offer and how many offers it takes to get a property under contract. In our office, it takes about six showings to write an offer, and about three offers to get a property under contract. Rather than getting discouraged, knowing these numbers helps our agents’ mindset. 

Coaching our clients helps with their mindset as well. Attempting to buy a home can be an emotional roller coaster sometimes. Even when they find the home of their dreams and put their best offer forward, they sometimes don’t get the house. If you stay positive, though, the majority of the time things will work out for you and your client. 

If you’d like to know more about strategies to help your buyer clients win the homes they want, feel free to reach out to me. I’d be happy to help.